Legacy System Migration

Is maintaining your ageing legacy system costing more than money? Migrating to the cloud or web is a smart investment with big returns.

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stSoftware are experts in legacy system modernisation to a modern browser interface.

We manage every step of the process, making sure that your legacy system migration is completed efficiently, cost effectively and securely.

For over 10 years businesses have trusted us to successfully convert their systems to the cloud/web and migrate their data.

stSoftware specializes in converting legacy systems to online applications since 2001. We are highly experienced in successfully planning and implementing legacy system conversions for a variety of organizations, including those with complex data requirements. This means that with stSoftware, you are assured that your system migration is in very capable hands.

We utilize our modular Cloudblocks framework engine to migrate organisations unique operational and information assets.

Why converting to the cloud or web is a smart investment with big returns.

Today’s users expect fast access and data processing capability that aligns with increasingly mobile and flexible work practices. Furthermore, staff are often reluctant to learn or use legacy systems as they are generally not seen as career-progressing skills.

They are expensive to run and require considerable IT resources to maintain. Legacy systems are also unsustainable for the future as fewer technicians are trained in them, leaving the organization vulnerable in the event that the system suffers any type of malfunction.

Legacy systems do not offer online capability without expensive adaptation – and even with modification, the results are often very limited while the costs, inefficiencies and risks of the back-end legacy system remain.

stSoftware conversion processes overcomes these problems.

Key Benefits

  • REDUCE SOFTWARE COSTS: Eliminate the need to install software and purchase licences for every workstation or laptop as the system is accessed online
  • CREATE A SUSTAINABLE MODERN SYSTEM: Endless scalability and flexibility means your system is modernised & you create a sustainable IT business asset
  • REALTIME GLOBAL ACCESS: For organizations with multiple geographical locations, information sharing in real-time and is made simple with an online system
  • MOBILE DEVICES SUPPORTED: There are no local installation requirements so no incompatibility problems with newer computer hardware and mobile devices
  • AUSTRALIAN BASED GLOBAL SUPPORT: Support and maintenance is highly responsive and able to troubleshoot any issues remotely and speedily
  • ROBUST RAPID PROVEN CONVERSIONS: Your existing data is safely migrated from your legacy system to the new system and presented in a new, fast and easy-to-use format
  • GAIN OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES & AGILITY: Because our solution is flexible and built using the latest technology, your organization is able to be more responsive to changing demands, enabling you to make the most of any emerging business opportunities more quickly
  • Are your systems struggling to keep up with new business needs and mobile advances?
  • Do you worry your initiative and growth is being limited by your out-of-date systems?
  • Would you modernise to a cloud/web system if you trusted you could safely migrate your data?
"Our decision to use the ST Engine (Cloudblocks) as the foundation for our system proved to be cost-effective both in terms of development time and resources."
Gavin Skinner
Director, Global Head of Database, Smith Barney Equity Research.

We would be pleased to discuss how your organization could benefit substantially by taking advantage of a legacy system conversion to cloud technology using stSoftware’s expertise. For more details Contact Us, we can help.