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stSoftware (ST) Default AWS Email Service Terms of Use Conditions Summary

stSoftware (ST) allows clients to send emails using our default AWS email service, provided sending is used in accordance with ACMA spam laws and with ST AWS SES Email Reputation Limits, so as to maintain healthy status values for the good of all our clients. Specifically, our client’s outbound email usage must maintain an AWS SES healthy reputation status for their Account and maintain a Bounce Rate and Complaint Rate below limits set by ST. Clients must show they operate an unsubscribe process and follow industry best practice approaches to properly managing their recipient list. Clients using ST's default AWS email service will also be limited by ST's default AWS email throttling limits.

ST uses the Amazon SES reputation dashboard to monitor important metrics related to clients outbound email usage and will take actions such as pausing email sending if ST AWS SES email reputation limits are exceeded, in order to protect the health of ST’s email reputation and all our clients using this service.

ST's Default AWS Email Throttling Limits
ST’s default throttling limits help clients to manage email sending bounce rates. Client’s may request changes to the default throttling limit which will be considered on a case by case basis. Considerations may include many factors such as the client’s email provider’s daily send limits and the client’s recent average bounce rates. Higher throttling limits may also result in the client incurring additional service fees which are not charged if the client operates within the default client email settings.