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Cloud Conversion

You describe your system as a hybrid system. What do you mean by that?

We call it a hybrid system because it consists of a pre-built flexible framework of modules that have universal application across all types of medium to large enterprises (supporting around 80% of their operational needs). We then configure and customize those modules that are specific to the needs of the organization, completing the remaining 20% of requirements.This offers the best of both worlds in that we can update your system relatively quickly because the majority of the work has been pre-done. We can also tailor it to make it align precisely with your organizational needs through customization.

Our current legacy system supports all of our operations and contains vast amounts of important data. How easily can the transition occur and how safe will our data be?

This is exactly the type of scenario that stSoftware’s products are designed for. We assist medium to large size organizations to transition from legacy systems, and in doing so, we actively review all existing data processes and information requirements and incorporate them into the new system. We are able to incorporate many improvements in the new system that streamline the administrative load of staff, making workplaces more efficient and productive.We are highly experienced in safely migrating all data to the new system.

We hear a lot about cloud computing but are concerned about the security of our data.

Many of the world’s largest organizations have been operating from the cloud for many years. These include Amazon, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, and in Australia, many organizations including private companies, not-for-profits and government organizations have also embraced cloud computing in the past decade.Our system can be configured to offer multiple levels of access for different users and user groups – including both internal and external users. Depending on the settings established, it is also possible for managers to review the page views and usage of various users with our audit tools.Our systems have proven to be robust, reliable and secure for all our clients including our banking client’s global equities research system which has been operating since 2002.

What type of ongoing support does stSoftware offer?

A major advantage of the stSoftware system is that we apply updates remotely to your system so it always runs using the latest version, whilst preserving your unique customizations.stSoftware actively supports clients through all phases of the transition – from providing advice and guidance at the outset, through implementation and ongoing use. In doing so, we are able to help our clients to realize the full potential of their web application investment through our strategic support and maintenance.We offer a range of Service Level Agreements to suit your business requirements.We would be pleased to discuss your specific support requirements with you to help you identify the best package to suit your needs.

It is interesting to note that a report by KPMG, “Cloud computing: Australian lessons and experiences” (2009) noted that, “ Decision-makers almost always start with the goal of using cloud computing to improve the cost/efficiency of IT, then progressively discover bigger, strategic benefits in business flexibility, agility, collaboration, improved customer experiences, and reduced time to market for new products and services.”