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Franchise Universal Cloud Platform

Centralised Franchise Platform & Franchise Systems, Websites, Web Apps & Web Database cloud solutions.

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Franchise Universal Cloud Platform

Centralised Franchise Platform & Franchise Systems, Websites, Web Apps & Web Database cloud solutions.

Cloud Systems Enhance Franchise Management and Operations

Looking for a cloud platform? So you can provide centralised franchise services, like call centres and stock ordering, whilst maintaining franchisee data privacy and web presence? stSoftware's cloud-based Franchise systems provide the perfect solution.

Manage an unlimited number of franchisees, provide operational and website facilities, and offer centralised services, with a truly global cloud franchise system.

Yes, the cloud is the perfect technology for geographically spread franchise groups!

Just imagine the benefits of a cloud system which is available to your franchisees, their customers and partners 24/7, from any location on any internet device !!

Centralise franchisee services and automate franchise operations

Provide your franchisees with a cloud-based management system to run their day-to-day operations efficiently, including the flexibility to centralize job scheduling, ordering and enquiry responses. Franchisees can gain invaluable insight into their operations with business intelligence and real-time reporting tools. With the addition of customized work-flows, your regular processes can be fully or partially automated saving operational administration costs, improving franchisee efficiency and providing better customer service. 

Reduce operational costs

Centralisation and automation save operational costs, but you will also be amazed at how much IT costs can be reduced across your franchise group using cloud technology. stSoftware's cloud systems don't require individual named or machine-based licences, don't require specialist hardware or in-house IT and can scale as you need it.

New franchisees can go on-line almost instantly - login to their cloud franchise management system with reporting and system tools and access all your on-line training and knowledge base resources. You can supply franchisee websites with customer logins and social media so they develop relationships within their local area, all provided seamlessly through your cost-effective, franchise online facilities 

Go mobile!

With a cloud system, it's easy to manage mobile operations. Many franchise operations have services which go on-the-road and your systems can be there with them to show their delivery run, next job location and much more. In fact as little or as much information as your people need.

The information can flow both ways! No need to wait until the end of the day for transactions to be entered. You can complete transactions or process to the next step while on the go, very efficient, gives the best possible customer service and saves money.

It's an excellent view from the top! - Franchise global group access

Give your franchisees the tools and autonomy to grow their franchise operations, as you support and control through the strength of your franchise wide cloud system.

Franchisors can view the entire group and drill down to individual franchisee data so you can maintain visibility across all operations. See how the whole business is performing and calculate commissions and franchise fees quickly and accurately from real-time data - reducing the report-to-pay fee cycle and improving cash flow.

Franchisee data is kept secure and private from other franchisees whilst still enjoying all the benefits of a common franchise system and support. Maintain consistency, efficiency and data intelligence across the group.

Give franchisees state of the art online support, web presence and resource facilities

Potential franchisees will be confident of your support and resources when you demonstrate you have high performance, online systems ready to deliver on-demand - where and when they need it 24/7.

Allow your franchisees to have a comprehensive web presence to communicate directly with customers, partners and staff - give them more than a location on your franchise website. stSoftware's cloud systems include website content management (CMS) which seamlessly integrates to provide multiple communication channels; customer logins, staff logins, knowledge base publishing and social media streaming.

Franchisees are looking for flexibility in your support and resources, out of hours and away from their main work places. Cloud systems are, by their very nature, multi-location and always on. Events and training can also be provided more cost-effectively online as well as online forums and other franchisee centric site facilities.

Resource Centers

  • Marketing Resources: promotional material, traditional, social and digital marketing
  • Operations Resources: training manuals and knowledge base, instruction videos
  • HR Resources: employee incentive programs, HR forms and manuals
  • Centralized Ordering: direct and indirect goods