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JobTrack for SME's

ON-SITE, ON-ROAD or in the OFFICE. Easy cloud access to the best CRM and management tools to quote, complete jobs and run your business efficiently.

JobTrack for SME's

ON-SITE, ON-ROAD or in the OFFICE. Easy cloud access to the best CRM and management tools to quote, complete jobs and run your business efficiently.

Move to the cloud easy, fast, affordable-go!

JobTrack lets you run your business on a cloud, or on your own server to get immediate benefits! The secret is out, small and medium business are rapidly signing up to cloud services. Why? Because cloud applications like JobTrack deliver professional software which don't need specific hardware, works on mobile devices and comes as a complete service with 24/7 hosting, backups and seamless updates. JobTrack offers a comprehensive suite of business workflow modules and management tools with big business security, you can use in the office, at home or remotely.

Modules and Management Tools
  • Contact Relationship Management(CRM)
  • Content Management System(CMS)
  • Scheduling of Resources, Appointments, Tasks and Events
  • Timesheets and Timed Billing
  • Alerts triggered to workflows or KPI's
  • Sales Cycle Management
  • Quoting Management
  • Job Tracking and Management
  • Product and Labour Management
  • Purchase Order and Inventory Management
  • Invoicing and Payment Receipts
  • Document Management and Sharing
  • Email Marketing
  • Custom and Standard Reporting
  • Simple and Advanced Searching
  • Advanced Security and Administration - our largest banking clients use the same inbuilt security features such as; user access controls and full audit logs
  • And our latest module - Website Builder with full CMS! Now your website designs can be built fully integrated with your business systems - keeps the costs of website integration down and the possibilities are up to you!

..all these modules and more in one online solution.

SME's flocks to the cloud: big benefits!
  • Fast, low risk deployment
    1. Just sign up and use it, talk to us today.
  • Mobile 24/7 access
    1. You can work when and where you want.
  • Low maintenance, centralised data storage
    1. Fully managed makes sense for businesses that don't have their own IT department.
  • Share data and files in real-time and easy to use
    1. It's efficient to share data that is always up-to-date, it lowers errors and brings teams together, even if they are in different locations.
  • Export data or integrate for seamless data transfer
    1. Day to day you can quickly and accurately transfer data, like financial transactions, to other systems such as MYOB or any other systems you use.
  • Modular system to suit all types of business
    1. You select from a huge range of modules and configure them to create your own unique system.
  • Flexible
    1. JobTrack is customisable and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.
  • Expands with your business
    1. Scalable on demand so you're not spending on capacity before you need it.
  • Add a fixed price website - fully integrated, modern mobile designs
    1. Using our Website Builder and CMS module we can import your current site and it will be fully integrated with your JobTrack system, or choose from 100's of mobile responsive templates. The CMS tools allow you to update your website content easily - the possibilities are up to you!

Importantly JobTrack is a feature-rich, modular system which allows for seamless workflow of multiple business functions, so you can manage your sales, quotes, jobs, financials and documents, plus your entire communications with one integrated platform.

Integration is an essential IT efficiency mechanism and enables your systems to link information. This reduces duplication of data as records automatically share information, for example requests for quotes that become orders or jobs, automatically share the quote details, including attached files. This is very time efficient and makes sure that data integrity is maintained.

More Workflow Benefits
  • View Job PL's, invoice and record payments, create purchase orders for jobs or inventory.
  • Work better as a team with Job summaries, user grouping and shared documents/files online.
  • Keep up to date with calendar, auto email/sms alerts and day sheets.
  • stSoftware can unify your website, operational database and accounting systems for end-to-end business workflows.

Stand-alone commercial office systems that don't integrate with other systems mean file functionality and workflow is limited. With flexible configuration tools and customisation services, stSoftware provides you with a proven, robust and affordable standard system which can be easily tailored to your specific needs. Talk to us about importing your current website, or choose from 100's of templates. Link with your accounting system, so you can have a fully integrated, no hassle online business solution.

stSoftware are cloud and web database experts, and we can assist you with everything from setup through to full customisation. You are assured of quality, and a perfect fit, using JobTrack's cloud technology and software expertise. Contact us today for more information.