CloudBlocks Universal Cloud Platform

Modular Cloud Platform to rapidly implement custom Websites, Web Apps & Web Database cloud solutions

CloudBlocks Universal Cloud Platform

Modular Cloud Platform to rapidly implement custom Websites, Web Apps & Web Database cloud solutions

Fast, safe & cost-effective customization using CloudBlocks.

We are highly experienced in successfully planning and implementing custom cloud and web systems for a variety of organizations, including those with complex data requirements.

CloudBlocks universal modules and full range of enterprise-level tools provide a substantial head start reducing costs, time and risk
"Our decision to use the ST Engine (CloudBlocks) as the foundation for our system proved to be cost-effective both in terms of development time and resources. ST enabled us to meet our aggressive production schedule and allowed us to rapidly deliver our new product line to market."
Gavin Skinner
Director, Global Head of Database, Smith Barney Equity Research.

We manage every step of the process, making sure that your custom online system is completed efficiently, cost-effectively and securely.

This means that with stSoftware, you are assured that your custom system implementation is in very capable hands.

Key Benefits:
The extensive core modules, tools and functionality included in the framework provide a substantial head start in system development, reducing costs, risks and accelerating time to deployment
Endless scalability and flexibility means your system is a sustainable business asset compatible with emerging technologies
Our system is a web native Java based technology and there are no local installation requirements so no incompatibility problems with newer computer hardware and mobile devices
Support and maintenance is highly responsive and able to troubleshoot any issues remotely and speedily
stSoftware has been engaged by industry leading organisations because of our expert team combined with our award winning technology.
We also found the staff.. to be extremely intelligent and highly competent. Their ability to understand of our needs from concept right through to implementation ensured that nothing short of a world class system was delivered." Gavin Skinner
Director, Global Head of Database, Smith Barney Equity Research.

stSoftware’s CloudBlocks combines the best of industry-standard components to provide a solution that gives a greater speed of operation, enhanced security and shorter development time frames than are normally associated with large scale web applications. CloudBlocks enables the development of scalable solutions that require real-time data access across multiple locations and applications. the proven design reduces the risk involved in building enterprise-level applications.

How it works

CloudBlocks is an object-oriented layered database management system with a database application layer providing database access and business objects providing the business layer to control security, data integrity, and workflow. Integrated web forms provide the presentation layer delivering a consistent look and feel thereby lowering training and maintenance costs.

For speed of operation and data validation, the middle tier design incorporates business rules such as formulas and aggregations. These can be dynamically changed and implemented through the web-based user interface. Alternative client applications such as Excel can remotely connect to the business layer through web services.

The application supports server-side business rules and access controls. This ensures data integrity and security regardless of the type of application request. stSoftware's CloudBlocks is also designed to deal with large amounts of data and the system scales by supporting multiple application servers, distributed processing and advanced data caching mechanisms.

The CloudBlocks database system is arranged into modules such as Jobs, Finances, and Timesheets containing universal functionality which typically aligns with 80%  -  100% of the data requirements of most organizations. The modules are selected and can be configured or customized to complete the tailoring so that 100% of current and future system requirements can be fulfilled.

Industry-Specific Systems

stSoftware has used the CloudBlocks framework to develop more customized products for specific types of businesses and industries.

As we worked with more and more clients, we built a number of packages that were already configured and customized to offer ‘off the shelf’ convenience but were able to be further tailored to suit specific data requirements. These packages included JobTrack (formerly Super-Tracker) – which won the National e-Business Award presented by Yellow Pages MemberTrack, AppointmentTrack and SubscriptionTrack and more recently Cloud file Manager

We would be pleased to discuss how your organization could benefit from implementing a custom system utilizing stSoftware's cloud technology and expertise.

System Requirements:
What are the MINIMUM platform requirements?

The system is a pure Java SE implementation. All extensions required to the standard JDK7+ install come bundled with the system installation. The system is intended as a large multi-user web application, having large internal data caches which require generous amounts of RAM on the server machine.

The server is compatible with standard Java servlet 3.0 or above container. Supported servlet containers include:- 

Operating Systems

The server is operating system independent which means that the server will operate on any Windows, Macintosh, Linux or UNIX machine that supports our minimum requirements.


The stSoftware system is equally effective over a wide or local area network or delivered via the internet, but it is worth noting that performance is directly affected by the standard of the infrastructure used therefore system speed will be improved by using a higher capacity network, internet connection, or PC.

Minimum Server Requirements:
  • Java SE7 or above
  • A database server which can be one of :-
    1. Postgresql 9.1+
    2. MySql 5.5+
    3. Oracle 12+
    4. Sybase 12.5+
  • Up to date JDBC database drivers for the above databases.
  • A server-level computer with at least 4GB free RAM but a typical server has 12 GB of RAM or more.
  • The disk space required for the installation is a minimum of 300 MB (This does not include the user data and files).

Please note these are the MINIMUM system requirements, see the IDEAL system design.

What databases are supported by Cloud Blocks

The system has been tested on the following databases

  • PostgreSQL 9.1+
  • MySQL 5+
  • Sybase 12+
  • Oracle 12.5+
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2007+

The Cloud Blocks stores all the data in simple key/value pair tables, which are support by all major databases. All data access is done via the JDBC driver for the database. The main requirements of the database is that it's ACID compliant and has a JDBC driver for the current Java version.