Cloud File Manager

Cloud File Manager

Store, manage and link to your files and folders easily through a web browser. Cloud storage is convenient, making files accessible anytime, any place. Cloud File Manager is fully intergrated with our cloud business systems making it a powerful online resource, directly linking files to database records


The Cloud File Management (CloudFM) module provides a fast, accurate and secure way to manage, exchange and share documents. CloudFM is based on a hierarchical directory structure so you can arrange files on the cloud (hosted server) in the same way you do on your personal systems. Security groups, access rules, version controls and synchronisation, improve access to many people across dispersed locations.

More Benefits

  • Ensure the long-term readability of your files by storing in native format
  • Share files with the confidence of access controls for groups and individual user
  • Reflect traditional filing systems by organising into folders, this improves the manageability of large collections of documents
  • Version control functionality for single file upload offers version options for file overwrite
  • Easy to use drag and drop files and directories or attach to records in the integrated business modules, for example, attach to a Customer, Job or Task record.
  • Supports synchronized file stores to improve access from dispersed locations


Web Folders (or WebDav) is a way of editing files and folders from your computer on to a remote web server without directly opening the site via your web browser. Web folder functionality is available to use in the extensive suite of modules which are already integrated with CloudFM, such as the JobTrack CRM and job workflow modules. The advantage of using Web Folders to manage your files and folders in JobTrack is that you can use the drag and drop method and organise files in your own familiar environment using Windows Explorer (for Windows users) or Finder (for Mac users).

Web Folder Benefits

  • You can conveniently save to your Web Folder from within other applications like Microsoft Word, by selecting the Web Folder location when you save the file
  • Changes to files are automatically recorded in the Log tab so you can view previous versions of the files at any time
  • If you are copying large numbers of files anywhere in the system it will compare and only update those files that have changed
  • This smart copying feature saves unnecessary storage of the same file making better use of your data space
  • Documents, images or any file can be attached to individual items within JobTrack such as Contacts or Tasks
  • Files can also be added into the CloudFM and then linked to a relevant Contact, Task or other module records


Importantly stSoftware's CloudFM and Web Folders functionality are part of our feature-rich, modular system which allows for seamless integration of multiple business functions, so you can manage your files plus your entire communications and operations with one integrated platform. Integration is an essential IT efficiency mechanism and enables your systems to link information. This reduces duplication of data as records automatically share information, for example requests for quotes that become orders automatically share the quote details including attached files. This is very time efficient and makes sure that data integrity is maintained.

Stand-alone commercial Cloud File storage systems that don't integrate with other systems mean file functionality is limited and it's costly to try to unify different systems. With flexible configuration and customisation tools, our CloudFM and integrated modules provides you with a proven unified file, operations and communications system tailored to your specific needs. You get enhanced functionality, for example, by utilizing the links to our Cloud File Manager, CRM and Email Marketing modules you'll gain more control over your marketing and communications and be able to see a full picture of your customer interactions. stSoftware's extensive suite of modules offer multiple business functions such as task management, scheduling, time sheets, job tracking, inventory, purchase orders, invoicing and payments, and also cater for industry specific functions such as appointment scheduling, membership management and subscriptions.

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