stSoftware Cube


stSoftware core values underpin everything we do.

The team at stSoftware are driven by a series of values that underpin all we do.

   We strive to:    We do this by:

Be innovative

  • Think about the essence of a problem to guide you to the best outcome
  • Use a simple solution if it works as well as a complex one
  • Invent a solution if one doesn’t exist
  • Good procedures and backups allow you to be more creative
  • You’re smart so show it in your work and try to be inspiring

Build sustainable value

  • Design code with the greatest longevity in mind
  • Write documentation which enlightens and instructs further development
  • Always seek to build re-usable code
  • Build flexible and intuitive tools rather than hard-coded fixes

Create wealth (in all senses of the word)

  • Create solutions that maximise ROI for our clients
  • Increase the IP of our technologies, for example, code in the base layer
  • Develop win-win commercial deals that reward our efforts and the value we deliver in ROI (blue sky)
  • Live well – Balance Work/Family/Play to be socially, economically and intellectually wealthy

 Communicate openly

  • In a way that enhances understanding and promotes self-reliance – for ourselves, our clients and suppliers
  • Share information and ideas – don’t wait to be asked, let your colleagues know what you are doing and your bright ideas by talking and using st’s forums/meetings/wiki/emails
  • Ask for help if you need it and give help freely when you are asked

Be ethical

  • Try to do what is best for everyone involved
  • Treat people as you would wish to be treated
  • Don’t discriminate or show prejudice
  • Don’t be wasteful
  • Try to improve the world for today, tomorrow and the future
  • Be proactive and self-reliant – make it your responsibility to find solutions for your problems – including asking for help and following up.