stSoftware Demo's

Personalised, Administration, Content Management and E-Commerce

Personalised Demonstration

If you have specific questions which require a custom approach, go ahead and send us a personal demo request – it is a great way to get a detailed demonstration guided by an expert. You set the topic of the personal demo – just let us know which features and scenarios you’d like us to focus on.

Your personalised demonstration will usually take from 30 to 60 mins, think of it as a guided tour without the tour group - you'll set the topics, chat, ask questions and interact with the software with your dedicated system expert.

Content Management Demonstration

Advanced CMS for organisations requiring an integrated website, micro-sites or e-commerce. Click on templates image above to see a sample site using that template. See how you can use the site wizard to create professional sites.

There are a number of pre-designed site templates included in the base system or create/import your own.

Administration Demonstration

Now, login to the administration section to see how the back-end works. 

Username: admin
Password: admin

The back-end is a modular cloud application with a number of standard modules, work flow and database tools. This administration demonstration includes dummy data which you can edit to help you experience first hand a little of the 'out-of-the-box' functionality. Try out a number of the modules - we recommend you navigate through the menu on the right of the screen, and have a go at editing or adding data.

After this experience, why not book a personal demonstration to explore the administration functionality in detail.

E-Commerce Demonstration

First, visit our live demonstration site to get a feel for how JobTrack store works. This is simple template populated with some sample products and categories.