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Cloud CRM

Cloud CRM delivers online Customer Self-Service, Dynamic Reporting and Reaps Time-Saving and Cost Rewards.

Cloud CRM

Cloud CRM delivers online Customer Self-Service, Dynamic Reporting and Reaps Time-Saving and Cost Rewards.

Customers today expect personalised and convenient service – such as customer self-service to initiate services and ordering, manage and analyse their accounts and pay bills. First-generation customer self-service deployments improved customer service and have also "whetted" customer appetites for better access from multiple channels and devices. This coupled with increased competition, challenges organisations to be increasingly innovative to keep customers happy while keeping costs down.

stSoftware has been providing Cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems and expert software web services to Australian and overseas businesses and organisations for over 11 years. We provide strategically planned and implemented deployments of customised multi-channel and multi-device web customer service CRM systems, that enhance operational efficiency, communications and deliver better service to your customers while keeping service costs to the minimum.

  • Customers are more demanding of a convenient multi-channel service & communication approach
  • Competitive cost pressures and tough trading conditions means business processes must be continually optimised and results measured
  • Regulatory conditions and stakeholders are increasingly requiring a higher level of accountability for reporting, transparency and auditability
  • Barriers to real-time exchange of information are no longer just costly and inefficient, they stifle opportunities for integration with emerging technologies and ageing systems are deterrents to staff attraction and retention.
Key stSoftware Cloud CRM Capabilities
  • Online Customer Self-Service
  • Integrated Customer Service and Billing
  • Online Fault Reporting and Maintenance Scheduling
  • Dynamic Customer and Business Reporting
  • Advanced Online Capabilities - Multi-Channel CMS
Online Customer Self-Service and Integrated Customer Service and Billing:

High-level customer self-service solutions are the key to ensuring ongoing customer satisfaction. It is essential for those services to be fully integrated with a back-end database system so services can respond quickly, and be seamlessly managed across teams and locations.

  • Online Customer Account Login - from multiple online devices
  • Personalised Customer Interface - allow your customers to configure account tools and communication according to 'favourites
  • Account Tools - for reporting and tracking of account, adjusting orders and paying bills online
  • Accessibility and Sharing - interfaces that are on-demand and promote easy customer communication, especially for effective complaint rectification and sharing of information such as 'knowledge base' items
Online Fault Reporting and Maintenance Scheduling

Service organisations and utilities need systems that efficiently record faults and have robust response mechanisms to support timely, prioritised and safe handling of faults. stSoftware systems also manage the scheduling of regular or once off maintenance.

  • Online Fault Reporting - ability to utilise multiple communication channels for fault reporting from internal or external sources including customers or the public or other stakeholders depending on your requirements
  • Set Response Times and Automated Alert Escalations - these features ensure KPI's are being met and are often a mandatory requirement of regulators and government agencies
  • Schedule Maintenance and Set Reminders - a complex business rules engine means complex maintenance scheduling can be processed easily and you have the ability to set reminders to automatically alert staff and customers
Dynamic Customer and Business Reporting:
  • Real-Time Reporting - advanced search and reporting tools across customer, service and financial areas give key insight to support operations, decision-making and planning
  • Debt management - Collecting money you are owed, can be a real challenge, particularly as in many markets customers cannot be disconnected for non-payment. Predictive analysis enable you to format a profile of customers and pre-empt non-payment
Advanced Online Capabilities:

Customisation, Automation & Integration provide a flexible & future proof full web presence system. For over 10 years stSoftware's Customisation, Automation & Integration Services have enabled 1000's of users and their customer's worldwide to benefit from online innovation. Some of the advanced online capabilities we can  offer are;

  • Dynamic Metering - Customer Self-Service monitoring of consumption - costs and resource conservation (internal; optimisation & external; climate change)
  • Real-Time Analysis & Alerts - detection & tracking of usage & services - run smart maintenance and initiate repair schedules
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM) - Multi-Channel Customer Touchpoint Strategy & Personalised Web Experiences: CRM + multi-channel CMS
  • Stakeholder & Regulator Advanced Reporting - compliance & transparency with secure auditable online reporting