Streamline membership management and communications with our MemberTrack Website, CMS, Web App & Web Database cloud solution.


Streamline membership management and communications with our MemberTrack Website, CMS, Web App & Web Database cloud solution.

MemberTrack Cloud Platform - Comprehensive modular membership system streamlines your back & front office, website, Web Apps & social media communications. stSoftware’s MemberTrack is a cloud system that makes it faster and simpler to manage all aspects of membership management, communications and social media.

Read More The MemberTrack system is a key piece of information and communications infrastructure capable of running all day-to-day member operations, processing membership dues and providing secure web access to membership data 24/7 from any device.

Designed in consultation with an Australian education membership organisation, the MemberTrack solution incorporates a wide range of data management and communications functionality for membership organisations operating within Australia.

The MemberTrack system provides a low cost fully featured “out-of-the-box” package with standard modules and functionality. The features of MemberTrack are universal and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of small local or large nationalized membership organisations.

It provides flexible real-time membership data management and analysis with access controls for a comprehensive view of all membership data. MemberTrack displays data in a user-friendly, intuitive format that minimises training requirements and enables fast implementation and uptake. Access can also be restricted for particular users or user groups.

MemberTrack’s Site Builder provides mobile responsive website templates which are fully integrated or we can import a new template or any site. Website integration streamlines joining and renewals processing and gives members easy access to information from desktop or mobile devices. Increase member participation in the online union community with a member web App or create an App specific to the tasks of your field staff. The latest in CMS tools means Union staff can manage and update web content efficiently and professionally including automated social media feeds for unified communications.

The universal membership modules together with customisation and implementation services means stSoftware can rapidly implement a custom Membership System to suit the structure, rules and any other unique requirements of your organisation. Implementing an out-of-the-box membership system lowers risk as the software is proven, robust and tailoring universal modules means customisation costs are reduced and returns are maximised.

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Featured Case Study

 Independent education union stSoftware offers a membership management software solution called MemberTrack. It is built using a wide variety of Lego-like modules that can be integrated to match the specific requirements of particular clients. More..

MemberTrack Universal Modules & Functions

Each module has been designed and built by stSoftware to provide a seamless and consistent end-user experience and can be tailored to match you specific organisational requirements. Below is a partial listing of available modules and functionality.

Functional Modules:
End-To-End Cloud Platform Integration

Cross Platform Tools, Integration & Web Services, Mobility Functionality:

  • Drag & Drop to & from Cloud Docs
  • Multiple Export Formats - PDF/CSV/Excel/HTML/Printer/Printer&PDF
  • iCal Integration
  • Website Spider
  • Manual or Automated (single or two-way) Accounting Integration
  • Manual or Automated Payment Gateway
  • Automated Email Integration
  • Social Media Integration - Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Google+/Pinterest/YouTube/Instagram/Github
  • Web Services API's - integrate with 3rd party software
  • Native Web App Tools
  • Mobile Responsive Interface
  • Web Apps - Generic Layout, Templates & Customise Tools
Configurable Global System Settings & Easy to Use Tools

Admin Functionality, Reporting/Search Tools, Analytics:

  • Easy Systems Settings - easy management of
    1. System Details
    2. Look & Feel
    3. Database Rules & Settings
    4. Passwords
    5. Modules Configuration
    6. Online Requests
    7. Labels
    8. Reports Templates
  • Keyword/Simple/Advanced Module Searches:
    1. Select from Multiple Layouts
    2. Multiple Export/Print Formats
    3. Multiple Criteria on all Search Fields in Advanced Searches
    4. Multiple Sort Fields
    5. Store as Named Report in Browse Reports Folders
  • System Snapshot - Rollback to get a complete view of data at any point in time:
    1. Enables accurate snapshot of membership data for organisations who cary out elections
    2. Constitution requires absolute accuracy of membership analytics
  • Other Analysis Tools:
    1. Website Analytic Tools
    2. Enquiry Source Analysis

stSoftware systems are designed to meet or exceeds all aspects of the
Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework PSPF
  • System Security and Audit Features:
    1. ACL's - Access Controls for Individuals/Groups
    2. Industry standard best practice for passwords for both the web server and Linux machines
    3. CMS uses a Sandbox to ensure Site designers do not have direct access to the underlying Linux server, the raw database or files.
    4. Audit Trail - Log Tab on every screen (full record of all actions by user and time)
  • Hosting Service Security:
    1. Server Cluster - lowest possible permission/access and continuous health monitoring
    2. Server Lockdown - limited services, restrict open ports, low permission, no direct login to ROOT, block SSH login attempts from unknowns, tripwire & increased file handles
  • Firewall:
    1. The standard system is Linux will all ports closed except HTTP, HTTPS and SSH
    2. SSH is configured to block IP addresses after a series of failed log in requests.
    3. All SSH requests that are from unknown locations or from foreign countries are blocked by default
  • Nightly Backups
  • Redundancy
  • At stSoftware, we take security very seriously, please see our System security overview.